Monday, 8 August 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge and 52Q - Q's 30, 31 and 32

Weekly Challlenge set by the Haslingfield crop ladies and they challenged us to:

photos of a group or a group of photos
use a given sketch from Page Maps 
include the letter H in our title
include a star

I spent a while playing with brushes and punches. Even the stars are punches and the weave effect is done using a paintbrush. I'm slowly learning how to use different things with my Craft Artist Professional programme and each time I learn something new, I feel rather pleased with myself! Self praise it may be, but it makes me happy and that can never be a bad thing can it?

Right, enough waffling, here's the LO that I did for this challenge

Q30 - Who do you need to thank?

The last few weeks/months/years have been pretty tough going. Marriage break-up, nervous break-down, moving home twice and lack of money have all been contributors.

If it weren't for the following people, I would never have survived. So:

LO is done using a cup image from the internet and kits by Daisy Trail.

Q31 - What three words would someone use to describe you?

I took part in Shimelle's 'True Stories' last year. One of the prompts was to fill in the blanks of a paragraph/story. We were then encouraged to write our own for others to fill in.

With mine, I had 'she is' and 'my one word to sum her up would be'. Similar words started appearing and the most of these being words like 'Caring', 'Artistic' and 'Kind'.

That's how others see me. Do I agree? Yes, maybe I do.

LO is done using kits by Computer Scrapbook

Q32 - Why did I do that?

Life is full of 'ifs'. 'If' U hadn't been born a girl, would I have felt loved more and grown up a stronger person? 'If' we hadn't gone on holiday, would bad things still have happened? 'If' I'd been allowed to do what I wanted at school,  would I have had a better life? 'If', 'if', 'if' ..... 'If' I'd been a better girlfriend/wife would i be with the man of my dreams?

There are way too many 'ifs', but we can't go back and change things. So:

LO was done using Mary's Silent Films kit

Love, Sarah xoxo

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C. Camp said...

Fantastic August Challenge layout. :)