Tuesday, 16 August 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge and 52Q - Q33

This week's challenge was set by my old team The Ruby Snippers.

They challenged us to:
use black card stock - yes
a celebration theme - yes
something free - everything in the LO is from free kits by Daisy Trail

This week's question (#33) for

on UKScrappers is - What are you crossing your fingers for?

I've been out of work for longer than I care to admit and to be honest, it's really getting to me now. What I would dearly love is a job. Yes, being out of work enables me to sleep in when I want, to craft when I feel like it, to spend time with my family during the day, to chat on Facebook and UKScrappers, to watch TV and films when others are working, to eat when I want, to just do as I want. But being out of work also means that most days there is no structure to my day, I sleep during the day and find myself awake through the night, I have no structure, I have no purpose, I get bored, I get lonely, I get fed up, I have no money, I struggle paying bills and eating properly, I don't eat properly.

If I had a job, I know I wouldn't have as much time to be with my family, I know I wouldn't be able to be as involved in the chatting on Facebook and UKScrappers, I know I wouldn't be able to sleep in, I know I wouldn't be able to craft as much as I do, I know I wouldn't be able to eat whenever I wanted. I'm under no disillusions, but I really do want a job. Is it too much to ask for?

I've used kits by Daisy Trail again and this week's sketch by Creative Scrappers

Love, Sarah xoxo

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