Saturday, 3 September 2011

52Q - Q35 ~ Journalling and LO

Where on earth have the last 34 weeks gone? I’ve been loving doing 52Q over on

But, it’s a constant reminder every Monday that another week has flown by. Scary bit of info now, but there’s only another 16 prompts before Christmas and the 17th one will be Boxing Day! So, if you have more than 16 Christmas presents to buy, that’s more than 1 per week! Aren’t you glad you started reading my blog post now?

This week’s.

Q35 - What kind of goddess am I?

Goddess and I in the same sentence? That’s a joke in itself.
Am I a homemaker/domestic goddess? – NO
Am I a child rearing goddess? – NO
Am I a goddess of love? – NO

So, am I a goddess of anything?

Not really, but I can bake which is something I couldn’t do a few years ago. Everything used to turn out flat, hard and in-edible. I could cook a starter and main dish, but cakes, biscuits and scones were all beyond me. I have no idea why, or why and how I changed.

Now, my cakes rise and are light and fluffy. My biscuits have a crunch and crumble. My scones puff up and melt in the mouth.

I hope it never changes, but I and all who eat them will savour every mouthful while it lasts.

Oven’s on, are you on your way?

LO was done using both Katie Hadfield and Bon Scrapatit’s August Blog Train kits. And it’s only just dawned on me that they have the same name. I wondered why they went together so well. Now I know.
I've also used this week's sketch from Shimelle.

Love, Sarah xoxo


Lisa Echerd said...

Cute layout and a fun topic to savor!

Kate Hadfield said...

Mmmmmmmm they look delicious!! Thank you for choosing my doodles to work with!