Friday, 2 September 2011

An Eventful Day

I went to stay with my Mum on Monday evening ready to drive her to a funeral on Tuesday at Caister-On-Sea near Great Yarmouth. Everything was going well and we set off as planned. Almost there, the car started getting sluggish, but it made it so we were happy. Once the funeral was over and we'd been back to the husband's houe we went to Tesco to get some food. On driving there, we noticed that the oil light was flicking on and off, so we got there, parked up and got out to have a look. Turned out that there was oil everywhere except where it should be. We grabbed some sandwiches, phoned the RAC and waited.

He took one look and said that he thought the bit between the water and the oil had split allowing them to mix. The engine was covered with gungy, thick, black liquid. I had to sit in the driving seat while he towed us to a local garage.

Thankfully they had a lovely waiting room with comfy seats and a flat screen TV. We were kept in coffee and settled in to wait (again!!). We arrived at 14:30 and at 19:30, they came to tell us they couldn't fix it. Not what we wanted to hear. After another call to the RAC, they said they'd send a vehicle to get us and the car back to Cambridgeshire. We had a lovely driver and a very comfy journey home as we had a 4 seater back seat all to ourselves. The car was left at Mum's local garage and we arrived home just before midnight. Tired, hungry and fed up.

So, that was our Tuesday. Hope yours was better.

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