Monday, 19 September 2011

LSNED 2011 - 13th - 18th September

13th September
  1. Time goes too fast.
  2. It is possible to get Chunky to go for a walk occasionally

14th September
  1. I'm getting quicker sorting the animals out (doesn't take quite an hour now!)
  2. It doesn't take long to go from Ely to Cambridge when there's no traffic.
  3. It feels good to get a parking spot near the Seetec centre.
  4. There are still people out there who think their ideal job is going to land in their laps even though they've no qualifications or experience to do it.
  5. I get frustrated when I hear someone who's put of work and claiming JSA, say that the only job they're going for is one that's never (or almost never) advertised.
  6. It's nice having lunch and the afternoon with Mum.
  7. I'm having my haircut this Friday.

15th September
  1. I sleep better when I don't try and stay awake longer than my body wants to.
  2. A drippy tap drives me crazy.
  3. The internet is losing its appeal.
  4. I should check I have taken everything off the washing line before retracting it or I end up with a mucky sock.
  5. The anticipation of a chip van tea is almost as good as the tea itself.
  6. Squirrels sound like birds when they talk.
  7. When I'm working with Craft Artist, I need to save my work more often.

16th September
  1. It's nice to have something to look forward to - haircut today.
  2. Sometimes a quick visit is nicer than no visit at all.
  3. A late lunch is definitely better than no lunch at all,
  4. Cuddles with my baby nephew are priceless.
  5. I need to stop being nosey on Facebook because what I read isn't always nice to see/hear.
  6. I should cook more often - a lesson I'm learning time and time again.
  7. Expect the unexpected.

17th September
  1. It doesn't take long to get straight when you're tidying up.
  2. I'm going to miss the country air and hearing less cars and no sirens.
  3. My camera lead will not fit in my phone! LOL I should take more notice of what I'm doing,
  4. Sometimes all you can do is be on the end of the phone.

18th September
  1. Cooking at Mum's is not the same as cooking at home. You get used to the tools and equipment you use and how your oven works.
  2. Mum's getting too good at Upwords now. Looking at our score sheet, I've won one out of about seven games.
  3. I'm definitely not going to 'get into' X Factor as it's still unfair with those who can't sing getting through to the next round. Will change my mind if I know someone who's in it one year.
  4. I'm still ready for bed around 10pm. Hope that changes for my hols with Jo or I'll be a killjoy during the evening.

LOs were done using kits by Daisy Trail and Peppermint Creative,
Photoshop brushes by Photoshop Free Brushes,
images from the internet and photos I've taken

Love, Sarah xoxo


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Lots of great work there. Tfs

Ali said...

Love all your learnings, and you are so right about time!