Monday, 21 November 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge and 52Q

I've realised that I never posted last week's UKS scrapping,
so this is last week and this week rolled into one post

So, the weekly challenge last week was set by my team and criteria was:

* Autumn colours or Autumn photo(s) - I've gone with both
* Different size or shape of photo(s) to normal - different shape
* Glitter or bug(s) - butterfly on the A
* Paint - near the edges of the brown paper and under my photo

This week was set by The Scrappycats who's criteria was:

* Use a greeting as your title - yep
* Oldest piece of paper or stash - all papers and elements
were from the Happy Go Lucky kit by Shabby Princess
and were one of the first I downloaded about three years ago
* Digi Scrappers to use a dingbat font as a stamp - the brackets


Q46 - What makes me glow?

In one sentence - My sister's children when they call me Auntie. Ok, I know the youngest can't speak yet, but I know I glow when I think of him as my nephew, just as I do with my other two nephews and my niece. Wouldn't you glow if you had such gorgeous and loving children that are growing up calling you Auntie?

Q47 - When you think back to your childhood, what moment first comes to mind?

Confession time now. When I was eight myself and my family lived in a reasonable size village with shops. My childhood sweetheart lived next door and my friends lived nearby. All of that changed on New Year's Day 1978 when my Mum and Dad dared to move us to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. The only good thing about it at the time, was that I was going to get my own room instead of sharing with my two younger sisters. What I didn't know was that while they were moving all our belongings, the two lads from next door were asking if there were children moving in. The very next morning, we had a knock at the door asking if we could go out to play. I think they were surprised we were all girls and I was apprehensive to go out at first, but with encouragement from Mum, I went. I would imagine we spent the day in the park behind the houses.

So, what moment first came to my mind when I read this question? Not the one above surprisingly. That's just background information for you. I soon became really good friends with the eldest lad (Mark) who was a year older than me and we were soon inseparable after school and in the school holidays. He was good looking and as I grew into a young teenager, I had a huge crush on him. In the holidays, we'd be round his watching Why Don't You and having a laugh. One day, we got hungry so decided to bake some biscuits. We had flour everywhere and the biscuits looked really lovely. Rustic in shape, golden in colour and smelling delicious. Then we bit into one. Or should that say we tried to bite into one? They were rock hard. Turned out we'd used the wrong flour. We offered one to his dog who; after a sniff, turned his back on it and walked away. Another item for the bin. That was our first and last attempt at baking. We stuck to shop bought goodies after that.

The last two LOs were done using various kits by Daisy Trail,

Love, Sarah xoxo

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