Friday, 28 January 2011

Soul Scrappers Glee Club Card

We've been set the challenge of making a card as part of the Glee Club on Soul Scrappers.
Not just any card mind, we had to use a word from the title we chose for our LO.
My LO is on this post and I chose the title 'A Day In The Life'.
For my card, I took the word 'Life' from the title and used items from the
Scrapagogo kit I won plus a piece of yellow wool and some alphabet stamps.

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Photography A-Z - A & B

Wombat (aka Pam) on UKScrappers started a photography challenge at the beginning of the year.
The aim is to take photographs through the year with each fortnight being dedicated to the next letter
of the alphabet. I've decided to make my photographs into; you guessed it, digi-LOs.
I've used a mix of papers and elements from free kits over on Computer Scrapbook
and re-coloured some of the items to suit my pages. I'm still amazed at how much you can get
for free nowadays and can't thank those that give these kits away enough. You're all stars.

Anyhow, over to my LOs for A and B

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

UKS Weekly Challenge, Soul Scrappers Glee Club LO and Stuck?! Sketch

It's a new week which can only mean one thing
It's time for a new challenge on UKScrappers

Set by the Bijox belles, they asked us to:

* make our theme baby (human or animal) or something new
* use red or earth tones
* feature a star or planet on our page
* use the word 'who' in our title or journalling

I went with Mum's 'new' life of retirement, earth tones, stars and 'who' in my title

I've also used the latest Stuck?! sketch as my inspiration.

Once again I did a digi page. I've made a vow to myself to do a paper page this week-end!!

Over on Soul Scrappers, the Glee Club challenges are well under way.
Our first LO challenge was to use one of the Beatles' songs Shazza listed
as our title and to stay true to classic rock. I used 'A Day In The Life Of'
and 4 as my staying true. In rock you'll usually find 4 comes up quite a lot:
4/4 tempo, 4 types of instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard)
Again, it's a digi LO

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Digi Album for 52Q

I've decided to do a digi album for this project to go
along with my journal book and journalling on here.

I've used a mix of the free digital downloads from Shabby Princess
some of which have been re-coloured to fit the colour scheme of the page.

The word art on the last LO is from Elegant Word Art

Here's my cover together with Q1, 2 and 4
as you probably know, I'm not doing Q3

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My First Proper Digi-LOs

So, I've been looking for something to do at Mum's if I'm staying over and she's
either at a meeting or on holiday. Came up with digi-scrapping. Not sure what I think
to it, but if it gives me something to do and means that I learn more about
computer programmes, then it can only be good yeah? I so hope so.

So, here's my first LO using the free Happy Go Lucky kit from Shabby Princess

My second LO uses the free kit Dawn Inskip gave us on UKScrappers

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Monday, 24 January 2011

52Q ~ Q4

Netty's third question was "Do I Believe In Fairies"
and as the answer is NO I decided not to go with that question,
so here's my third entry which is Question 4:

When I Look Into My Eyes I See

I found a poem a while ago which pretty much says it all for me, especially the bit I've highlit

Me and Laughter Together Always

by Nyoka Mitchell

Sometimes I laugh out loud
Showing you that I could care less what you have to say
All that matters is that my feelings are hidden
Hiding from those who judge me and those who love me
And Laughter helps me do just that
Laughter is my better half
Laughter stands with me when I’m bored
Laughter comforts me when I want to cry
He keeps me company through grief and through happiness
For better or worse, in sickness and health, through thick and
I love Laughter and Laughter loves me back
And yet you don’t know why Laughter makes Me
Look deep into my eyes when I laugh and you’ll see
You will find all the hate, all the pain, and all the hurt
But if that’s all you see
You’re not looking deep enough
Look past the tears that I won’t allow to flow
Look past the memories that I can’t let go of
And when you see through all the hate, all the pain and all the
You'll find ... Me
I cover Me up with Laughter
There are none who can see the true Me
They can’t see through my Laughter
And if you should happen to see Me
I won’t need Laughter to hide anymore
Because I can cry on your shoulder
I can smile and enjoy you company without a single sound
Only then, Laughter won’t be my protector
Until then, it’s Me and Laughter together always
I hide my feelings through Laughter
So if you’re trying to figure out what I’m thinking,
Laugh with me and you will then see ... Me

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yay, I've Done Some Scrapbooking!!!

You get two for the price of one today.

Over on UKScrappers this last week, Dawn (MrsCheshire) set us the challenge to:

* Use a sketch or draw our own ~ I've used Pencil Lines #221
* Alter some PP we'd not use otherwise ~ I've taken some yellow heart PP
and inked it for both the background and the half flower
* Use ribbon ~ I've used mine at the top and bottom of the LO
* Use some chipboard ~ Mine's the large corner swirl which has been inked

Journalling reads:

"My welcome fairy which Elise bought several years ago for David and I. It's had
pride of place in every home we had and now sits in my hallway for all to see."

My next LO was done in time, but I forgot to take a photo of it, so I'm too late for the deadline!
Anyhow, over on

we were given a sketch (SC#27) and here's my interpretation of it

apologies for the flash

Journalling reads

"Knowing I can't eat dairy, Jo made a Christmas cake for us all. It was the first
time she'd made one and not only did it look good, but it was rather nice too."

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