Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blue Brad Challenges - Feb 2011 ~ Part 2

As part of the Blue Brads fun night, we were also challenged to make a box.

Here's mine, using acetate as a window and ribbon and blooms, again from my prize.

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Blue Brad Challenges - Feb 2011

My team (Blue Brads) had another Fun Night on Tuesday.
Many thanks to Peechy and Sandie for all you work.

I only needed two more words in our game of bingo, but the winner was Roxy.

Peechy had done a LO to inspire us to do our own. Here's my take on it:

Thanks to Chris for the doilies.

I stamped a doily with a mini dotty background stamp and
re-coloured purple chipboard letters from my stash, but the
rest of the elements came from the win I had on our last fun night.

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Got Sketch #110


Here's my LO using the free Spontaneous Delight digi kit by Shabby Princess

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Chicken Soup # 27, Colour Create #64 and Crafts 4 Eternity #6

Unusually for me, I've done one LO which meets the criteria of three challenges

#27 - inspired by this photo

#64 - Chocolate, Strawberry and Cream
with the added optional extra of adding ribbon

#6 - Colour Recipe inspired by this photo

And here's my LO using various free digi kits by Computer Scrapbook

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How Much Is Too Much #164

Challenge #164 is titled Hot or Cold and we're to scrap our favourite drink along with the following:

5 embellishments
4 patterned papers
3 word title
2 circles
1 photo

I've used:

flower hat pin and 4 brads
4 patterned papers under the photo (from Autumn Leaves free kit by Computer Scrapbook)
3 word title
2 circle brads
1 photo

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pencil Lines Sketch #224

Here's my LO for sketch #224

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

52Q ~ Q's 5 & 6 ~ Journalling

Q5's journalling to go with this LO

How Do I Feel Today?

Well, it's Monday 31st January and I feel happy and blessed. This morning I felt nervous, but that soon changed.

I had an e-mail from Sammie on Friday asking me if I was free to meet up in Ely today for lunch at Prezzo's. Excited at the prospect of meeting my blogging pal, I said yes. Then reality sunk in!

What would we find to talk about? Would we like each other in real life? Would I be brave enough to actually go? Even though I knew I would go, I still wondered and worried. But, I needn't have. From the moment we met, we talked non-stop.

We sat down just after 12:30 and the next time we knew, it was 15:15. What on earth had happened to that time? We ate, drank wine, talked, laughed, put the world to rights and had a ball. I only wish we lived nearer each other

Q6's journalling to go with this LO

If I could do it all again, would I change anything?

The simple answer is "YES, I most certainly would". But what would I change?

1. I would ask to change schools to one that would let me study technical drawing so that I could hopefully get a qualification and go on to further study to become an architect.

3. I would not have stayed with someone for over two years after I was hit the first time. I would have left instantly and not looked back.

4. I would not have stood to the side while another ex said goodbye to their blood Mum after meeting for the first time. I didn't think they'd want me right by their side at the time, but I was so wrong. He couldn't cope, wouldn't listen to why I'd done it and we separated that evening :( To this day, he is still the one true love of my life and I wish I could hold his hand again.

5. I've had a few people be indecisive over whether they want me around and if so, how they want me. I would stop all that and make the decision to walk away from them instead.

6. When things go bad, I turn to food. If I could change things, I would find something to replace it or another way of coping Food has not been a comfort, more of an enemy.

7. *** I would change the last thing I said to Nan. I was grieving for Dad and that was mixed with frustration Little did I know that she'd die overnight and before I had chance to say sorry for how I'd been.

8. *** I regret not spending more time with Dad when he was ill. I did take a nice lunch to have with him the week before he died and it was lovely there being just us there. But, I wish I'd told him I loved him, we just never did that as a family.

9. I've tried to be who and what others want me to be. It's made me into a very unhappy person who's not sure who she really is. I would change all that and be me warts and all. If someone's not happy with who I am they wouldn't have to stick around me would they?

So, yes, I'd change a lot, but in doing so I'd also be changing who I am, where I am and what I am! I wonder how that would work?

*** Please remember that once someone's died, you lose the chance to spend time with them, tell them how you feel about them and make amends for things you've said. It's never too early to change that, but it can be too late.

And yes, I do know there's not a number 2. That journalling is way too personal to share.

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My Autobiography

Fill this out IN YOUR OWN WORDS and repost as "My Autobiography"

1. Where did you take your profile picture? In my flat
2. What exactly are you wearing right now? Black trousers, floral top, black socks
3. What is your current problem? Deciding what sort of card to make my nephew for his 3rd birthday
4. What makes you happy most? Spending time with my family and friends
5. What's the name of the song you're listening to? The Greatest Day by Take That
6. Any celebrity you would marry? Gordon Ramsey
7. Name someone with the same birthday as you. Johnny Depp
8. Ever sang in front of a large audience? I've sung in church a few times as a child, does that count?
9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Yes, Toyah Wilcox as a 15 year old (I was much smaller with wacky hair and make-up) and nowadays Dawn French
10. Do you still watch kiddie movies or kiddie TV shows? Doesn't everyone?
11. Do you speak any languages? Teeny bit of school taught French and German, plus craft speak which is a language all of its own!
12. Has anyone you've been really close with passed away? My Dad and Nan
13. Do you ever watch MTV? No
14. What's something that really annoys you? People using disabled parking spaces without a badge
Chapter 1:
1. Middle Name (s) - Louise
2. Nickname(s) - None
3. Current location - Sat at my dining table
Chapter 2:
1. Do you live with your parents? - No
2. Do you get along with your parents? - Most of the time
3. Do you have any siblings? - Yes, 2 younger sisters
Chapter 3:
1. Ice-cream - Dairy free vanilla
2. Season - Spring
3. Shampoo/Conditioner - Whatever's best of what's on offer
4. Drink - Water or de-caff coffee
Chapter 4:
1. Dance in the shower? - No
2. Do you write on your hand? - Only if the pen slips
3. Call people back? - I try to remember to
4. Believe in love? - Yes, but it shouldn't be confused with caring deeply for someone
5. Any bad habits? - Too many to mention!!
Chapter 5: Have you -
1. Broken a bone? - No
2. Sprained stuff? - Yes
3. Had physical therapy - No
4. Had stitches? No
5. Taken painkillers? - As a last resort only
6. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling? - No, but I'd love to one day
7. Been stung by a bee? - Yes
8. Thrown up at the dentist? - No, has anyone?
9. Sworn in front of your parents? - Yes, but hated myself for doing so
10. Had a detention? - No
11. Been called a hoe? - No!!!
Chapter 6: Who/What was the last
1. Movie(s)? - Can't remember
2. Person to text you? - Mum
3. Person you called? - Mum
4. Person you hugged? - Sammie
5. Person you tackled? - I try not to
6. Person you talked to on IM? - I don't use IM
7. Thing you touched? - My mug (apart from the keyboard on my laptop)
8. Thing you ate? - Home-made lasagne and salad
9. Thing you drank? - Mug of milk
10. Thing you said? - Bye
Chapter 7: Future
1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? - Still living here on my own
2. 10 years? - Hopefully in a bigger home with a craft room
3. 50 years? - I doubt I'll still be alive then
4. Where do you hope to live? - Somewhere where I can see friends better as they all live so far away.
5. Do you want to be famous? - Succesful - yes, famous - maybe
6. Do you want children or maybe animals? - No to both
7. Will you have plastic surgery? - I'll not have it through vanity, but won't dismiss re-constructive

Monday, 7 February 2011

UKS February House Challenge

This month's House Challenge on UKScrappers was to:
use the sketch and fibres or fabric.

I've done a digi-LO using mainly papers and elements from
the free Promise Collection by Shabby Princess.

Journalling reads:
At 4:30pm on a cold Autumn afternoon, the sky
was a gorgeous shade of blue and the trees were
vivid green. Thankfully, I had my camera with
me as always, so was able to capture the moment.

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UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - February Week 1

This week's challenge was set by the Dizzy Dots who challenged us to:

* Use the sketch they chose (Pagemaps December 2010)
* Use a photo depicting a group of something
* Include pink
* Use stitching

I've included all these so I've claimed full points

Papers and elements are from various digi kits by
Computer Scrapbook, re-coloured to match each other.
The title is from Elegant Word Art

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52Q ~ Q6

Gosh how the time's flown this year (again!), seems to do that every year.

We're onto Question 6 and that is:

If I could do it all again, would I change anything?

For this LO, the background is a photograph I took in December 2010,
which I've re-coloured and faded. Other elements are Gifs I've found on Google.

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Creative Scrappers #142

Creative Scrappers

The LO below was done using sketch #142 and various papers and embellishments
from free kits by Computer Scrapbook re-colouring them using the same blue.
Isn't it amazing how it goes so different depending on what the colour was originally?

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Page Maps - Basic Grey Sketch Competition

are currently running a sketch challenge and you
can win some really yummy Basic Grey goodies

I've done a digi LO using items from free kits by Computer Scrapbook
and wordart by Bethany

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