Saturday, 19 February 2011

My Time To Craft #128

Going Round In Circles

I designed the transparent circle background using the free downloadable programme
and feathered the edges to sort of look like paint rings bleeding into each other.

All other elements came from Computer Scrapbook's Afternoon Fiesta

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Pencil Lines Sketch #225


Here's my LO for the latest sketch

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Shimelle's Sketch #1842 - 16th February

This is my digi take on Shimelle's latest sketch
using papers and elements from Computer Scrapbook's Noel kit
together with the title lettering from their Cinnamon kit

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Chicken Soup #29


inspired by this photo

here's my LO using elements from Computer Scrapbook's
No! A Toddler's Creed Boy and the film strip I found through Google

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Friday, 18 February 2011

Photography A-Z - D

Here's my D for:

The elements have come from Computer Scrapbook's
No! A Toddler's Creed Girl and Joyful Girl

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I've Made A Mess For A Card

Yep, you read it right.

I've made this mess

to make this easel card using a digi-download from Charmed Cards and Crafts.

Now I know why I like digi scrapping so much.
No mess to clean up afterwards!

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Monday, 14 February 2011

Stuck Sketches - 15th February

Yep, you read right.

This sketch went live on 15th February for Stuck Sketches
while it was still 14th February for us in England.
So, technically, I've posted this a day early!!

Hey ho.

For my digi LO, I've used elements mainly from
Tis The Season by Computer Scrapbook

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52Q ~ Journalling and LO for Q7

Q7 - journalling and LO

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I've tried and failed so many things in life that knowing I could do something and not fail would be amazing.

So, what would I do? I would go back to school and get my qualifications. I would be an architect and have amazing buildings built to my specifications.

I would draw the plans for my own home and include a large craft room and an indoor swimming pool with a roof that folds back if the warm summer sun shows.

I would choose some numbers and do the lottery. Of course I would win if I wasn't failing wouldn't I?

I would find a handsome man with an amazing personality and as I'm not failing, he'd be the love of my life forever and a day.

I would sing for a living Yes, I know I would be an architect, but as well as that I would sing. I love music and sing all the time. The only time I've sung in front of an audience was as a young teen at special Church services. Was I any good? I have no idea. No-one's going to tell a youngster they were rubbish are they?

So, yes I'd song and be on the stage in the West End. If only I knew I couldn't fail. The world would be my oyster.

I've used elements found on Google for my LO

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How Much Is Too Much #165 and Page Maps from January 7th


7th January

HMITM have challenged us to use:

* 2 photos
*14 hearts
* red and brown
* an arrow
*a flower or two
* ribbon or frills

and of course, Page Maps was a sketch

Here's my LO using mainly items from the Romantic Roses kit by Computer Scrapbook

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UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - February Week 2

Leah set this week's challenge on UKS and challenged us to use:

* at least 3PPs
* border punch or decorative scissors
* multiple photos

I've managed all of these on my LO below
with elements from Romantic Roses by Computer Scrapbook

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Studio Challenges - Card Challenge #1 and Stuck Sketches - 1st Feb

The Studio Challenges
Sunday 13th February Card Challenge
I've used 13 brads

Sketch - 1st February

Here's my digi-card all ready for printing out
using elements from Shabby Princess including the word art

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Creative Scrappers #143

Creative Scrappers

I've used papers and elements from various kits by Shabby Princess
for my take on the latest sketch #143

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Soul Scrappers SSQ6 Challenge

SSQ#6 - Winter Wonderland is happening over at Soul Sisters and I've joined in.

SSQ is where 20 lucky ladies get sent an envelope containing
scrapbooking embellishments and we're to do a LO using all of them.

This time, Karen sent us:

A piece of patterned paper
A snowman kit
A small chipboard
A circular window sheet with snowflakes on
Blue thread
Large white snowflake
Kraft top note cut out
Small tag or metal swirl
4 small rhinestones
and an extra of the saying "happiness is a journey not a destination"
* I also found a tiny red heart in my envelope, so used that too

We could add anything else we wanted to and I've added the backing card
and of course, I've used a photo (my niece being silly as usual!! hee hee)

So, what did I do with mine? Have a look

I used the glitter to jazz up the snowflake, cut the patterned paper in two,
placed the circle window behind the snowflake, inked the tag, sewn round
the edge of the top notch, made up the snowman adding a scarf using some
of the thread and drawn some arms, then doodled around the edge of the card.

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