Wednesday, 13 April 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - April 2011 ~ Week 2

 This week's challenge was set by the Scrap Happy's and they challenged us to: 

 * scrap a celebration / special event 
 * include pink or blue 
 * use bells / houses / stamping / flowers 

 For those of you keeping things crossed that I get the new home I've put in for, you've only 
 got a few more days of doing so. I had a call today saying that the agents are waiting for one 
 more piece of information and as long as that's ok, the home is mine. Best bit, is that they can't 
 see any problems with it, so it's almost a done deal. To say I'm happy is an understatement. 

 So, my LO is in anticipation of getting the "You have the home" call 
 as I've scrapped the window under which my craft desk will go. 

 I've made my LO using the Mexican Wave kit by Daisy Trail 

 Love, Sarah xoxo 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

UKScrappers Scrap Factor

  At the moment, there's a Scrap Factor going on. We were all encouraged to send in 5 LOs to apply and the best 5 contestants from each of the 3 categories (digital, paper and hybrid) were chosen to compete against each other with the chance of winning great prizes. Myself and another from my team (the Glitterbugs) decided to enter, but neither of us got through. The standard was so high and my congratulations go to all who did get through. 

 To enter, these are the LOs we were asked to complete: 

 1 about me LO 

 1 DLO 

 1 no photos LO 

 2 free choice LOs 

 I've used a mix of kits for my LOs, from the following sites 

 Love, Sarah xoxo 

52Q - Q15 ~ Journalling and LO

 Q15 - What makes me, me? 

 I've been told that because I'm sensitive, I'm also caring and thoughtful. A good combination maybe, but sometimes that makes life hard for me. I find it hard to say no when I'm asked to do something I either don't want to or can't really do. How do you say no when you know that someone's relying on you to say yes? Answers on a postcard???? ;) 

 But being sensitive, caring and thoughtful means that I'm there with a shoulder or ear if people need someone to turn to. I'm there with the tea, sympathy and hugs. The one you can trust to keep a secret, the one you know will be there for you. 

 If you ever ask me to do something or be there for you and I have to say no, it's nothing personal. It means that I really can't say yes, not that I've chosen to let you down and say no. 

LO is made using Daisy Trail's Little Birds

 Love, Sarah xoxo