Saturday, 18 June 2011

ATDML CC - Saturday 2pm Class

Saturday's 2pm class by Jane Hewitt was to make a LO using chipboard and grids. I ended up going a little off the grid, but hey ho, it happens to the best of us, doesn't it?

Love, Sarah xoxo

ATDML CC - Saturday 12pm Class

Saturday's 12pm class by Karen Moss was to make a mini book and here's mine

Love, Sarah xoxo

ATDML CC - Saturday 5pm Challenge

Challenge 3 - show items made with things bought from ATDML

I bought the metal scallop strips specifically to do some projects like this for a commission. Shame she never came back to pick them up and pay for them though :( On the upside, I have 3 of these waiting for photos to be put on the tags and the fronts decorated, so can use them myself. Look on the bright side eh? lol

Sorry for the poor photo. Light's against me no matter what I did!

Love, Sarah xoxo

ATDML CC - Saturday 10am Class

Saturday 10am class was by Debs Jewell and Ann Freeman and had us cutting paper to make sun rays.
I know I've used this photo before, but they were digi LOs. This one's an IRL one :D

Love, Sarah xoxo

ATDML CC - Saturday 9am Challenge

Challenge 2 - Material World was to use some sort of material/lace/fabric/trims somewhere on a project of our choosing. I chose to do another tag and used a piece of suede effect material to cover the tag before stamping directly onto it, adding distress stickles and fibres

Love, Sarah xoxo

ATDML CC - Fri 7pm Challenge

Last night's 8pm challenge was to make a tag. In honour of my sister's new baby boy (born yesterday morning - Friday 17th June), here's mine which I've used on the front of a card.

If this tag is on its side or upside down, blogger's being stupid again! Sorry

Love, Sarah xoxo

ATDML CC - Fri 9pm DLO Class

The 9pm class by Ann Freeman was to make a DLO using her instructions. Unfortunately, I don't have the supplies she used, so had to improvise and make a lot of my own. Love how she's used all the photos though. I'll never tire of scrapping photos of my sister's children, so I hope you never tire of seeing them.

The LO doesn't look straight, that's cos to join both sides together, I had to skew them. Sorry.

Love, Sarah xoxo

Friday, 17 June 2011

Hey Mr Postie, thanks for taking care of my post

I had a really lovely surprise today. Mr Postie brought me an envelope from a good friend of mine. If you're reading this good friend of mine, you'll know who you are. I didn't realise it was from her until I read the back of the tag that the envelope  contained. Anyway, the tag is beautiful, thank you so much good friend of mine
Love ya xxx

and I have no idea why blogger's turning it on its side as I've clearly rotated the photo before saving it!!
But if you click on it, you get it up the right way :D

*** edited to add that now I come back to it and it's the right way up, but waaaaaay squashed.
Just click on it and you'll see it in all it's glory - the beautiful tag it really is :D

Love, Sarah xoxo

If only it was this easy .....

I signed up for

Brave Girls Club

and this was today's. I know it's true, but it's easier said than done.

Love, Sarah xoxo

Thursday, 16 June 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge - June 2011 week 1 and Scrap Factor week 9

Weekly challenge - June week 1 (cos I never posted at the time)

Journalling reads: I now have an agonising wait for the result of my assignment

I can't remember what kit(s) I've used, but if I remember, I'll add details.

Playing along with the Scrap Factor - week 9

We were challenged to add texture to our LOs, so this is how and what I added to mine:

to start, the waves are full of texture, then you have the rain drops, the felt flowers/leaves
and not forgetting the title and journalling which I've tried to make look embossed

I found the wave picture on the net and used to cut out the space for the photos. Using again, I cut three photos to leave just the heads, arms and torsos. I also cut the arm and head from the little one's photo to layer over the wave. Then it was a case of placing everything (using embellishments from kits by Daisy Trail) and adding the title and journalling. These three wonderful children have been through so much  yet still continue to smile and I love capturing that on camera. It shows that they still have that beauty inside. The photos of the eldest two are a few years old now, but I still think they're amazing. Love you all loads xxx

Love, Sarah xoxo

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer of Colour - 1st colour - yet again!!!

I've been loving having a play with Polyvore, so have decided to do The Summer of Colour in three ways:

uplifting art journal
uplifting Polyvore page
"I dream of ....." Polyvore page

Here's my blue uplifting page

If you can't read all the smaller print on it, the whole thing says:

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find (you get what you) need"

Love, Sarah xoxo

Monday, 13 June 2011

UKScrappers Weekly Challenge June week 2 and 52 Q - Q24

Yep, instead of doing other things today, I've been playing. But, I've told myself that tomorrow is go to the post office, do some housework and study day. Wonder how much of that I'll actually get done?

But today, as I said, I've been playing. I've already done two blog posts for the Summer of Colour (see here and here).

Had to pause after writing that as I saw a spider - eek!!! What is it with grown-ups and spiders? Like they're gonna hurt us ..... Nope, still eek. Managed to get it to go out of the window eventually, but not before my heart was racing and my pulse was well up!!!! And before you ask, no I didn't get a photo. He didn't want to stand still long enough and I was too bothered about getting him out of here.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah about to show you the other playing I've done today.

Set by the Bijox Belles, so thank you for doing that.

I've used a New Beginnings template by Daisy Trail to do my LO

Q24 - Name something you don't understand, but want to ...

The power of the mind is confusing, bewildering and befuddling. My mind is one of the worst. One day I think I understand my mind and another day I have no hope of understanding even part of it. Would I like to understand my mind? I'm not sure. Some days I think I would and other days it's the last thing I want to do. That's my mind for you and one that if I did understand it, I'm sure I'd want to run and hide from it.

LO was done using a Picnic In The Park template by Daisy Trail

Love, Sarah xoxo

Summer of Colour - 1st colour - again!!!

I was introduced to Polyvore after reading about it on Miss Peach's blog. She too is taking part in

Even though Miss Peach warned us that "... and you will never get a hot meal on the dinner table again and the dust bunnies will take over your cozy cottages ..." I still though "what the heck, I can go have a look. Doesn't mean I have to play". But be warned again, that site is addictive and here I am some time later having forced myself to surface from it. As you can gather, I did have a play and once again, my work turned out neat, clean and tidy. One day I'll do grunge, but for now, I give you:

and yep, it's blue so fits in again with this week's colour theme on Summer of Colour. Click the linked piccie above to find out how you can join in with us. I wonder what you dream of?

Love, Sarah xoxo

Summer of Colour - 1st colour

The first colour for Summer is


and here's my art journal piece

I used PVA to seal the page then inked it in varying shades of blue. What doesn't show in the picture, is that I used a paper doily to ink over in the bottom right corner and stamped the rest using inked bubble wrap. I stamped the 'Sitting Pretty' stamp from Charmed Cards and Crafts onto white card, coloured her in blues using brush markers, then cut her out and stuck her on top of the doily. Words cut from a magazine were glued and the whole lot inked over using walnut ink tintz. Looking back on the piece of work, I'm not sure that was a good idea, but hey-ho, I'll learn slowly. Finally, I added extra words using a Sharpie pen.

I've decided that where I can, this art journal is going to be used as an inspirational piece of work, so that if I get low days I can look at it and be uplifted again.

Love, Sarah xoxo