Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shimelle's Starting Point - 3rd September

 Here's my LO for Shimelle's latest Starting Point challenge. 

 I've used various kits and a brush by Daisy Trail to make my digi LO. 
 Photo is one I took today as part of CJ's Painting With Light photography course. 

 Love, Sarah xoxo 

52Q - Q35 ~ Journalling and LO

Where on earth have the last 34 weeks gone? I’ve been loving doing 52Q over on

But, it’s a constant reminder every Monday that another week has flown by. Scary bit of info now, but there’s only another 16 prompts before Christmas and the 17th one will be Boxing Day! So, if you have more than 16 Christmas presents to buy, that’s more than 1 per week! Aren’t you glad you started reading my blog post now?

This week’s.

Q35 - What kind of goddess am I?

Goddess and I in the same sentence? That’s a joke in itself.
Am I a homemaker/domestic goddess? – NO
Am I a child rearing goddess? – NO
Am I a goddess of love? – NO

So, am I a goddess of anything?

Not really, but I can bake which is something I couldn’t do a few years ago. Everything used to turn out flat, hard and in-edible. I could cook a starter and main dish, but cakes, biscuits and scones were all beyond me. I have no idea why, or why and how I changed.

Now, my cakes rise and are light and fluffy. My biscuits have a crunch and crumble. My scones puff up and melt in the mouth.

I hope it never changes, but I and all who eat them will savour every mouthful while it lasts.

Oven’s on, are you on your way?

LO was done using both Katie Hadfield and Bon Scrapatit’s August Blog Train kits. And it’s only just dawned on me that they have the same name. I wondered why they went together so well. Now I know.
I've also used this week's sketch from Shimelle.

Love, Sarah xoxo

LSNED 2011 - 2nd September

2nd September

  1. I need to watch the toaster as bread burns easily.
  2. I love the freedom of having use of a car again.
  3. I can look after other people's animals despite not being an animal lover.
  4. If I buy rubbish, I'll eat rubbish. So, it's best I don't buy it!
  5. PAYG dongle - great when it works, but when it doesn't I need to step away and try again later.
  6. Missing my anit-depressant tablet last night means I'm awake later than I should be tonight.
  7. A quick 2 minute phone call soon turns into 2.5 hours. And a good catch up it was too.
  8. I need to drink more water.
  9. I need to keep on top of my bills and make sure the companies aren't taking more than they agreed with me.

LO was done using an image from the internet, with items from Get Your Grill On kit by DSE and the background and lace from Daisy Trail kits.

Love, Sarah xoxo

Friday, 2 September 2011

LSNED 2011 - 1st September

It's that time again and LSNED started yesterday. So, what did I learn?

  1. I need to take my lactose tablets before I eat as they don't work as well if I take them afterwards.
  2. I still feel inferior to those around me and like I'm not good enough for anyone or anything.
  3. I feel embarrassed saying I have no IRL friends to invite to a BBQ. I have plenty of craft friends that live around the UK, in Ireland and overseas, but IRL friends to invite round for a coffee, lunch or BBQ is just not happening. Maybe one day, but it's been like this for so long that maybe one day isn't going to happen. Who knows?

LO was done using the free August Get Your Grill On kit by Digital Scrapbook Expert

Love, Sarah xoxo

An Eventful Day

I went to stay with my Mum on Monday evening ready to drive her to a funeral on Tuesday at Caister-On-Sea near Great Yarmouth. Everything was going well and we set off as planned. Almost there, the car started getting sluggish, but it made it so we were happy. Once the funeral was over and we'd been back to the husband's houe we went to Tesco to get some food. On driving there, we noticed that the oil light was flicking on and off, so we got there, parked up and got out to have a look. Turned out that there was oil everywhere except where it should be. We grabbed some sandwiches, phoned the RAC and waited.

He took one look and said that he thought the bit between the water and the oil had split allowing them to mix. The engine was covered with gungy, thick, black liquid. I had to sit in the driving seat while he towed us to a local garage.

Thankfully they had a lovely waiting room with comfy seats and a flat screen TV. We were kept in coffee and settled in to wait (again!!). We arrived at 14:30 and at 19:30, they came to tell us they couldn't fix it. Not what we wanted to hear. After another call to the RAC, they said they'd send a vehicle to get us and the car back to Cambridgeshire. We had a lovely driver and a very comfy journey home as we had a 4 seater back seat all to ourselves. The car was left at Mum's local garage and we arrived home just before midnight. Tired, hungry and fed up.

So, that was our Tuesday. Hope yours was better.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Sketch and Stamp #70

#70 - Claire's Sketch

This week the prize is 3 digi stamps from

Here's my card which uses elements from Katie Hadfield, Weeds & Wildflowers Designs and Daisy Trail.

My stamp is the digi flower in the middle. I've layered the buds on top to give it a 3D effect.

I look forward to seeing your art. Don't forget to use a stamp or your entry won't be counted.

Love, Sarah xoxo