Tuesday, 13 September 2011

52Q - Q37

This week’s.

Q37 - What sparks my creativity?

Loads spark my creativity. Page Maps' and Pencil Lines' sketches, Shimelle's sketches, Starting Points and challenges, Daisy Trail kits, UKScrappers weekly, monthly and 52Q challenges are only a few of the things that get me crafting. Digi scrapping took on a new life with me this year too. I love seeing what other crafters do and get loads of inspiration from them.

I create, therefore I am. Thanks to everywhere I look and all the crafters who both know and don't know that they inspire me.

LO was done using the cafe latte kit by Daisy Trail.
I've also used this week's starting point from Shimelle.

Love, Sarah xoxo

Monday, 12 September 2011

LSNED 2011 - 12th September

12th September
  1. Dogs catch mice too.
  2. It's nice to be able to help someone else to help those in a poorer country.
  3. If I have chocolate in the house, I'll eat it. I must stop buying it!
  4. If I don't go back to bed after sorting out the animals I really can stay awake.
  5. But, by staying awake when I want to sleep in the morning, means that I fall asleep later instead. I should do what my body wants in the first place if I possibly can.
  6. I got a B (72%) in my OU module : D

LO was done using a LO template by Daisy Trail

Love, Sarah xoxo

LSNED 2011 - 11th September

11th September
  1. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance - I must do a shopping list in the future.
  2. I'm getting quicker at sorting the animals out.
  3. Cooking for someone else is enjoyable.
  4. Fresh tomato sauce is nom nom nom with tomatoes picked just before cooking.
  5. My Mum's good at Uno and beat me hands down. Although I won at Backgammon.
  6. Sometimes you see a recent photo of someone and can't believe it's the same person you thought it was as they've changed so much.

LO was done using kits by Daisy Trail and images from the internet,

Love, Sarah xoxo

LSNED 2011 - 10th September

10th September
  1. Being on the end of a phone is all you can do and often that's all that's needed. Hope my cousin's fella gets better and goes home from hospital soon.
  2. A lazy day just has to be!
  3. I'm enjoying being able to watch TV programmes in real time and on a real screen instead of on my laptop on catch-up.
  4. Patience, trial, error and playing with camera settings is needed to capture the moment.

LO was done using swirls from a kit by Daisy Trail

Love, Sarah xoxo

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday Sketch and Stamp #72

#72 - Donna's Sketch

This week we're sponsored by

and here's my card done using the sketch,
a photograph I took this last week
and digi kits by Daisy Trail

Love, Sarah xoxo