Wednesday, 26 September 2012

LSNED 2012 - Days 23, 24 and 25

My learnings and LO from Day 23:
  1. No matter where I work, I smile and I laugh. Work is fun
  2. I have spent way too much money this month and I've no idea where it's all gone
  3. Sometimes you have to do what's best for yourself

My learnings and LO from Day 24:
  1. It's possible to smile and laugh at times even when things are bleurgh
  2. It's great sending happy mail even if it isn't much you're sending
  3. You can't always plan a delivery, it comes when it comes
  4. My family are amazing
  5. When you're too tired to even hold your mobile, it's time for bed

My learnings and LO from Day 25:
  1. Going to bed early does not mean I'll want to wake up early or feel better for it
  2. Doing LSNED is scary because it's a constant reminder of how quickly the days are going
  3. My back can seize up when I'm doing simple tasks
  4. The anticipation of new furniture is worth the wait
  5. Gluing and cutting into a book from the early 1900's is scary

Love, Sarah xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

LSNED 2012 - Days 21 and 22

My learnings and LO from Day 21:
  1. Not eating properly or going to bed early is making me feel sluggish
  2. PayPal will not accept my bank account as it was linked to an old account
  3. How to print e-mails we are sent through the portal at work
  4. Sometimes you just have to let others be

My learnings and LO from Day 22:
  1. Time flies (a lesson I'm re-learning all the time)
  2. Kitten heels are not the best footwear for being on your feet working in a shop all day
  3. It's great seeing full and tidy shelves after the boss and I re-stacked and tidied them
  4. Being tired all the time isn't helping me remember what I learn

Love, Sarah xx