Sunday, 30 September 2012

LSNED 2012 - Day 30

My learnings and LO from Day 30 (the final day):
  1. By talking about something or someone that makes you sad every day, you are allowing them to keep taking over your life. For me, it's best to deal with it and move on
  2. I get easily distracted by other things when I should be getting on with housework or crafting - TV, FB ..... they all have a part to play!
  3. Every day I learn that I'm wasting too much time on FB. Will this ever sink into my brain and get me off the net? I doubt it
  4. I can now change colour of things in CA2P that I couldn't before
  5. You lose and gain friends on the way to the end of your rainbow
  6. This month has had its ups and downs. It's been a month of laughter and tears. Hard work and rewards. Friends and enemies. One thing it has taught me is to expect the unexpected

It's a sad day today. Every year, September 30th is a sad day because it means that not only is the month at an end, but so is this course. What is not sad, is that it's only 11 months until this rolls round again and the learning starts all over again. I don't want to wish this next year away, but roll on September 1st 2013!!!

Love, Sarah xx

LSNED 2012 - Days 26, 27, 28 and 29

My learnings and LO from Day 26:
  1. Writing down what I learn every day is a must

My learnings and LO from Day 27:
  1. I do not like having no-one to talk to on the bus due to others having lifts and different shift patterns
  2. People surprise you
  3. Confidence comes from within
  4. When a friend is down, I hate being so far away
  5. Brave Girls Truth e-mails so often hit the nail on the head

My learnings and LO from Day 28:
  1. I am not a good patient
  2. Knowing I'm financially stable, still makes me smile
  3. One number wrong in a phone number makes a difference
  4. Some things at work are just too complicated to get my head around

My learnings and LO from Day 29:
  1. I can get up early on a day off when there's things to do
  2. I need to stop buying comfort food when I'm feeling bleurgh
  3. Sleeping in the afternoon when I'm feeling bleurgh does not mean I'll wake up feeling any better
  4. And sleeping in the afternoon means that I can't get tired at night
  5. Working with Steampunk images is not so scary
  6. Despite everything in my life seeming great, I get lonely at times

Love, Sarah xx