Monday, 5 November 2012

UKS CyberCrop

has been really busy this last fortnight and more with a Cyber Crop (CC) to celebrate books and UKScrapper's 10th birthday. If you don't know what one of those is, it's an on-line crafting event with classes, challenges, fun and games. We even had a game of bingo. CC's on UKScrappers (UKS) have always been a Friday - Sunday manic scrapping event organised by members of UKS. This time MaryAnne (MA) was in charge. She spread it over a longer period and encouraged us to take our time and do LOs we were proud of rather than speed scrap and do LOs just because.

Many many thanks to MA and all the people who took time to set a class, challenge or one of the fun and games items. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and can't wait until next time. BTW, when is 'next time'? ;-)

Here are the LOs I did starting with the one I was least proud of and will be tweaked at some point, but won me a prize of some stamps (warning - LO heavy post now):

And here's the rest I did, starting with the pre-crop challenges:

The CC challenges:

Digi Day

And the CC Classes

Love, Sarah xoxo