Monday, 16 September 2013

LSNED 2013 - Day 15

Day 15 of LSNED and today's lessons are from spending time with my youngest nephews this morning

1)     Being an Auntie is such an amazing feeling (ok, I knew this already, but being with the nephews only re-affirms that knowledge).
2)     I can build a “really good” lego model that mustn’t be played with according to Kieran and it matters not that it has neither a name nor purpose at the time.
3)     Looking at photos surrounded by the little nephews is so lovely. Hearing them saying who people are and listening to their excited voices when they see themselves is priceless.
4)     Brothers will be brothers. They will play and fight together, but what matters most and was clearly seen today, is that they love each other, are there for each other and want the other one to be there for them.
Here's my LO

Love, Sarah xoxo

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