Thursday, 5 September 2013

LSNED 2013 - Day 2

Day 2 of LSNED and today I have learnt a chain of events starts with one thing -

1)    I've learnt the same first lesson as yesterday. I need more time to get ready to go out.
2)     Not having enough time this morning meant I didn't have the breakfast I’d planned.
3)     Not having the breakfast I planned meant my planned mid-morning banana became breakfast again.
4)     That meant I was hungry before lunch time
5)     Which meant I was too hungry to enjoy my lunch
6)     And that left me feeling hungry mid afternoon with nothing to eat
7)      So I ended up hungry on the way home
8)     And over hungry by the time I got home
9)     Then had to make myself eat dinner a little later than I’d hoped for
10) And then my body craved food all evening

Lesson to be learnt there – GET UP EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Here's my LO

Love, Sarah xoxo


Sammi said...

Gorgeous LO .. love it!! It's hard to get up earlier ... but sounds like it's worthwhile xxx

Dani said...

Great layout!! Love it! And great lesson learned.