Friday, 6 September 2013

LSNED 2013 - Day 5

Day 5 of LSNED and here are three things I have learnt today  -

1)      A smart uniform really can make all the difference
2)     I must not leave it six weeks in future before I go for a waxing. Four weeks between treatments is just right.
3)     It takes longer to catch up with LSNED if I don’t do something every night. And yep, this is one I learn every year.

Here's my LO

Love, Sarah xoxo

LSNED 2013 - Day 4

Day 4 of LSNED and here are three things I have learnt today  -

1)      Some bus drivers are brilliant at waiting for you if you’re almost at the bus stop.
2)     Rushing around at the last minute at work makes me walk faster to town which is better for me than a gentle stroll and then the bus being 2 minutes late helps when there’s a queue in the post office.
3)     No matter how many times I've successfully mixed vegetables with a little oil in a sealed food bag, there’s always one time when the bag’s going to split and it’s going to seem like an oil avalanche. It’s worth it though to have a nice and relatively healthy meal.

Here's my LO

Love, Sarah xoxo

Thursday, 5 September 2013

LSNED 2013 - Day 3

Day 3 of LSNED and today I have loosely used yesterday's prompt. We were encouraged to think of a teacher and write down three things they taught us. I chose to not go with a teacher, but to think about three things my Mum and Dad taught me  -

Mum and Dad taught me that by giving a little of yourself to someone, whether that be your time, your support, your love, your money, something you own or something else, not only are you helping that person, but you are helping yourself to grow. Love and be loved.

 1)      They taught me that giving of yourself is a selfless act
2)      They taught me that making others smile by something I’ve done makes me smile too
3)     They taught me to treat others as I’d want to be treated

Here's my LO

Love, Sarah xoxo

LSNED 2013 - Day 2

Day 2 of LSNED and today I have learnt a chain of events starts with one thing -

1)    I've learnt the same first lesson as yesterday. I need more time to get ready to go out.
2)     Not having enough time this morning meant I didn't have the breakfast I’d planned.
3)     Not having the breakfast I planned meant my planned mid-morning banana became breakfast again.
4)     That meant I was hungry before lunch time
5)     Which meant I was too hungry to enjoy my lunch
6)     And that left me feeling hungry mid afternoon with nothing to eat
7)      So I ended up hungry on the way home
8)     And over hungry by the time I got home
9)     Then had to make myself eat dinner a little later than I’d hoped for
10) And then my body craved food all evening

Lesson to be learnt there – GET UP EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Here's my LO

Love, Sarah xoxo

Monday, 2 September 2013

LSNED 2013 - Day 1

Day 1 of LSNED and today I have learnt a few things -

1)      I think I learn this one every year – I need to get up earlier and give myself more time to get ready to leave the house instead of being in a constant rush.
2)     I need to stop putting off texting, ringing, e-mailing and writing letters to others. Saying I’ll do it tomorrow is ok, but one day, tomorrow is going to be too late for one of us.
3)     Cucumber is not a good thing to put with the chicken style vegan roast in bread rolls. Tomato or cranberry sauce would be much nicer.
4)     I need to look for different things to put with vegetables for dinner or I’ll be bored of the vegan lifestyle too quickly. I think a meet up with Jo and cookery books is in order pretty soon.
5)      TV is more interesting on a Sunday than a Saturday. Maybe I should make Saturday a film and popcorn night or get family over for games nights. Then I can watch Casualty on catch up.

 Here's my LO for #5

Love, Sarah xoxo

July and LSNED 2013

So much for getting back into blogging. Epic failure there. July and August went by in a blur according to this blog. We had 12 days of whirlwind when my nephew applied for and got a job working at Butlins in Mindhead. If you go there on holiday, say hi to Drew behind the bar from his Auntie Sarah. Here are a few photos from his farewell BBQ the Sunday before he left.

It's September again which; if you know Shimelle you will already know, means it's time for LSNED (Learn Something New Every Day). I've taken part since 2009. Every year I manage to keep up with lists of things I learn every day, but not every year I manage to complete the album I start at the beginning. Here's my last four years if you fancy a peek - 2009 & 2010/2011/2012.

This year, I'm aiming to do another digi album and journalling. Here's my cover.

We were given a 'fill in the blank' sentence in our first prompt and here's mine. The 'blanks' are in italics:

My name is Sarah and today marks the start of Learn Something New 2013. This September I am most excited for the family gathering for Mum’s 70th this Friday/Saturday. I am most excited to learn new things at work with the application we use and with ways to talk to those who phone us. I am also most excited to see if I can learn how to take more care of myself with diet, exercise and sleeping as I've not managed it the last few years despite re-learning it time and time again. We’ll see.

Love, Sarah xoxo