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Do you ever make a card / LO / altered art / something else
and not have the right sentiment or title to go with it?
So do I and that's where


come in really handy.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll have seen this before,
as this is re-posted for new readers especially.

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To make your rub-ons, you need a sheet of acetate (doesn't have to be printable acetate as you're going to be printing on the shiny side, it just needs to be able to go through your printer), a printer and a computer programme that you can design in (I used WordArt in Microsoft Word for mine, but I'm sure you have your favourite programme).

1) In your chosen programme, type your word(s) and position them until you are happy (these will need to be flipped before printing). Don't forget that you can change the colours and fonts of these too.

2) Flip your wording so that it reads backwards. If you use WordArt, you may need to re-position the words so that they are where you want them. Alternatively, you could use the 'mirror image' option on your printer settings.

3) Print onto the shiny side of your acetate using best photo printing remembering that the printing will stay wet so handle with care when removing it.

4) Turn your acetate over and press down gently on your chosen paper/card. Be careful not to let the acetate move as this will smudge your printing.

5) Remove the acetate and admire your work.

6) You can clean your acetate using a baby wipe and re-use it time and time again.

7) If your printer won't take your acetate (mine wouldn't), use a thin coat of re-positionable spray glue to stick it to a sheet of copier paper. You can gently peel it off the paper once printed so that you can see where you're putting the rub-on.

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Here's an example of my custom rub-ons in use:

the human experience saying is an acetate rub-on

all wording and numbers (except the ME) are acetate rub-ons